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Bring economics and personal finance lessons to life for your students with a field trip to the Money Museum at the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City.

One of the many interactive exhibits Located near the Liberty Memorial, Union Station and Crown Center, a visit to the Fed is a memorable part of any student�s learning. The Money Museum offers real-world illustrations of the economy and the Federal Reserve in action.

In addition, educators can choose from a variety of lesson plans (before, during or after their visit) for 5th � 12th grade students. These plans are designed to further engage students and provide instructional assistance to educators. When you register for a tour online or by phone, please indicate if you are interested in a lesson plan.

Lesson Plans to Supplement Your Visit
Pre-Visit Lesson Plan: Share this lesson plan with your students prior to your Money Museum visit.
5-8 Pre-visit Lesson
9-12 Pre-visit Lesson

Lesson Plan During Your Visit: Provided at the Money Museum, this lesson plan will help your students further engage our exhibits.
The Quest for the Lost Vault Scavenger Hunt
9-12 Exhibit Lesson

Post-Visit Lesson Plan: Following your visit, share this lesson plan with your students to solidify their understanding of the Fed.
5-8 Post-visit Lesson
9-12 Post-visit Lesson

On-Site Presentations
As part of a class visit, the Money Museum offers several on-site presentations. These 30-minute sessions, for groups of 12 to 40 students, help students in kindergarten through 12th grade better understand personal finance concepts. All presentations are free and may be requested when you register for a tour online or by phone.

Teacher Workshops
Teacher workshops can be reserved for teachers to learn how to better incorporate financial and economics lessons into their curriculum. Workshop content can be tailored to the educational needs of the group. Please allow two hours or more for each workshop. Workshops are based on availability and may be requested when you register for a tour online or by phone.

Additional Educational Resources
The Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City and the Federal Reserve System offer educators a variety of free classroom tools and curriculum. For more information, or to access these tools, please visit The Kansas City Federal Reserve and Federal Reserve Education.

Saint-Gaudens $20 Double Eagle

Planning a Visit to the Money Museum?
Admission and parking are free, and all ages are welcome. Read our visitor information page for important details about visiting the Money Museum.

To schedule a guided tour, a workshop or a presentation, use our tour registration page.