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Select organizations present proposals for community and economic development projects that may be eligible under the Community Reinvestment Act to potential funders. There are two ways to use Investment Connection:


Community Organizations

Submit your organization’s proposals to Investment Connection Online and reach potential funders.



Explore our searchable database to create a customized list of funding opportunities that address your geographic and issue area needs.

Since 2011, Investment Connection has connected nonprofits with more than $36 million in funding.

Investment Connection in the District:

The Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City does not endorse or make any representations as to the propriety or suitability of the following organizations, investments or programs listed.  Organizations should perform their own due diligence before engaging in any transactions with these entities to ensure that any such transactions meet the organization’s objectives.


Investment Connection for 2016: Expanding Connections and Knowledge

Investment Connection has garnered positive testimonials, evaluations and comments from funders and community organizations for helping to connect more than $27 million with community organizations that assist low- and moderate-income individuals and communities. Learn more.

Investment Connection: Online Tool Helping Make New, Efficient Connections

The Kansas City Equity Fund, Young Americans Bank and Mi Casa Resource Center are three new organizations that have benefitted from new funding relationships courtesy of Investment Connection (IC) Online.

Lenders Find Online Funding Opportunities

Investment Connection and Investment Connection Online are helping funders find new community and economic investment opportunities in the Tenth District.

Investment Connection Goes Online

Funders can now connect with community and economic organizations more efficiently and conveniently online.

Investment Connection Takes Hold in the District

Investment Connection continues to gain traction in the Tenth Federal Reserve District.

Making a Connection

Program provides organizations an opportunity to find investors.

Connecting Community Needs with Investment Partners

Nonprofits presented their community development proposals to potential funders at two Investment Connection events in 2011.

Investment Connection Online FAQs

View frequently asked questions about Investment Connection.


Funders and community leaders discuss how they have benefited from Investment Connection.

Funder Testimonials

Cassandra Ilich, Colorado Federal Savings Bank

Maria Sepulveda, Wells Fargo Bank

Nancy Taylor, Compliance Guaranty Bank

“There are many valuable non-profit organizations in our communities. We like to find partners that align with the bank’s strategic initiatives so that both the non-profit and the bank find value. Investment Connection has helped Guaranty Bank identify new partners that fit into our overall CRA initiatives.”

Community Testimonials

Rich Martinez, Young Americans Bank

Chad Gentry, mpowered