Events in Northeast Nebraska feature discussions on economic conditions

October 21, 2019

On October 17, Omaha Branch Executive Nathan Kauffman shared updates on the regional and national economies with business, banking, civic and community leaders, and educators at an Economic Forum in Norfolk.

Kauffman shared that labor markets remain strong and U.S. households still appear to be well-positioned, but some signs of slower economic growth have emerged alongside ongoing trade policy disputes and challenges in the manufacturing sector. Kauffman also noted that changes in demographics are likely to have a significant impact on economic developments in the long term. 

Cortney Cowley, an agricultural economist at the Omaha Branch, also provided an update on the agricultural economy at the Forum. Cowley noted that the U.S. agricultural sector is in the midst of an extended period of lower prices and income, but a crisis does not appear to be imminent. 

In advance of the Forum in Norfolk, Kauffman met with economics students at Wayne State College in Wayne, answering their questions about his career path, the Federal Reserve and the economy. 

As part of the tour through northeast Nebraska, which also included a visit to Central Community College in Columbus to learn about workforce training, Omaha Branch staff gained insights on local economic conditions and concerns. One of the Federal Reserve’s most important resources is real-time knowledge provided by businesses and community members. 

The Omaha Branch is Nebraska’s connection to the nation’s central bank and is a resource on the economy for organizations and communities throughout the state.