Instructions to customize your view of the LMCI chart

The LMCI indicators are displayed as the blue and red lines. Click on the indicator name in the legend to hide/show each indicator. Adjust the timeframe by either changing the date range in the upper right of the chart or by dragging the timeline endpoints below the chart. Below the chart is a list of the 24 variables that are used to construct the LMCI indicators. Use the toggle features next to each variable name to remove up to five variables from the construction of the LMCI. The difference between the official LMCI and the modified LMCI will appear as lightly shaded areas. Click on the chart icon to the left of the toggle button to display the selected labor market variable as a green line on the chart. Only one variable can be added to the chart at a time and only for publicly available data.

A positive value indicates that labor market conditions are above their long-run average, while a negative value signifies that labor market conditions are below their long-run average. Background information for the Kansas City Fed Labor Market Conditions Indicators provides details on the variables used and the construction of the two indicators. Links to the Federal Reserve Economic Data (FRED) database are provided for publicly available data.

Labor Market Variables