About the Dataset

The Current Population Survey (CPS) is a monthly survey of about 60,000 U.S. households. The survey collects labor force characteristics and a variety of demographic information from respondents. Designed as a nationally representative survey, the CPS data is the source for many key labor market indicators and the official source of the unemployment rate. The CPS is also used to calculate other labor market statistics including: labor force participation, hours worked, class of worker, industry, occupation, and reasons for unemployment.

The CPS Museum Room

Data Access

The KCDC provides access to the CPS data for users. Specialized extracts and bulk downloads of multiple versions of the data are available here.

Dataset Attributes

High-level information about accessing and using the CPS.

Core Concepts

In order to facilitate widespread use of the CPS, the KCDC provides core concept documentation and information meant to inform and advise users. This section contains both information on key concepts or variables in the CPS and details about navigating some of the more difficult aspects of the survey.  

Technical Documentation

Provides users with information on the contents and creation of the various versions of the CPS hosted by the KCDC. Along with information on how each data set was constructed, users will find detail about changes in the survey over time, instructions on using the data, and comprehensive lists of variables.