Banking Conditions

Leverage ratios have decreased year over year for all commercial banks. Dividend payout has decreased for commercial banks nationally but remain steady in the Tenth District. Earnings showed a slight uptick in third quarter 2020 due to decreases in provision but remain down year over year as net interest margins continue to compress. Provisions overall remain high and problem assets remain low despite uptick in problem assets for banks over 100B. Additionally, certain loan categories experienced increase in noncurrent rates.

Appeals Process for Material Supervisory Decisions

Learn about the material supervisory determinations appeals process.

Apply for Membership

Learn about the application process to become a state member bank and the benefits of Federal Reserve Bank membership.

Apply for Mergers and Acquisitions

Learn about the application process for state member banks and bank holding companies.

Borrow from the Federal Reserve's Discount Window

Access Federal Reserve Credit for short-term or long-term needs.

Complete and File Reports

Learn about reporting and reserves and how to submit your reports.

Manage Your Federal Reserve Account

Manage your reserves and learn about Payments System Risk policy.

State Member Bank, Bank Holding Company, and Savings and Loan Holding Company Communications

View information about regulatory communications available to Tenth District Federal Reserve institutions.

State Member Bank Resources

Information about regulatory communications, supervisory processes and the various resources available to Tenth District Federal Reserve state member banks.

Bank Holding Company Resources

View information about regulatory communications, supervisory processes and the various resources available to Tenth District Federal Reserve holding company managers and directors.

Savings and Loan Holding Company Resources

Learn more about regulatory communications, supervisory processes and the resources available to Reserve savings and loan holding company managers and directors.

Community Bank Resources

Information specific to community banks, including information on emerging issues, banking conditions, lending patterns, research, speeches and more.

Map Your Assessment Area

Map your bank's assessment area with this mapping tool using 2010 Census tract designations. Toggle between 2000 and 2010 Census data and view income designations versus minority levels. Enter your county/state in the navigation bar to zoom to highlight specific areas. Zoom in/out to capture your assessment area.

Banking and the Economy Forums

Get industry, leadership and professional development that will enhance your career and network as you prepare for next level leadership.

Bank Consolidation and Merger Activity Following the Crisis

By Michal Kowalik, Troy Davig, Charles S. Morris and Kristen Regehr
Economic Review Michal Kowalik, Troy Davig, Charles S. Morris, and Kristen Regehr analyze the financial characteristics of acquired community banks from 2011 to 2014.

Credit Scoring and Loan Default

By Geetesh Bhardwaj and Rajdeep Sengupta
Research Working Paper The performance of FICO scores as measures of borrowers' creditworthiness on subprime mortgage originations remains stable over time after controlling for other loan attributes and changes in economic conditions.

To Sell or To Borrow? A Theory of Bank Liquidity Management

By Michal Kowalik
Research Working Paper Banks' reliance on risky securitized assets to manage liquidity leads to liquidity crunches in interbank lending markets.

Federal Reserve and CSBS Community Bank Research

View links on community banking research papers and learn more about the annual Community Bank Research Conference, sponsored by the Federal Reserve System and the Conference of State Bank Supervisors.

Banking Regulation: Its Purposes, Implementation and Effects

This basic guide is a reference source on banking and bank regulation for the public, bankers and banking supervisors. The book also shows the challenges that bankers and regulators face in maintaining a sound and innovative financial system.

Basics for Bank Directors

Basics for Bank Directors is a reference guide that details the processes for promoting banks' stability, growth and success in today's economic environment.

Community Banking Connections

This Federal Reserve quarterly publication provides information on guidance, resources and tools to help community banks across the United States.

Consumer Compliance Outlook

Consumer Compliance Outlook is a Federal Reserve System publication dedicated to consumer compliance issues.

Training Curriculum


Bank Director's Desktop

Online training curriculum is designed to allow bank directors to quickly develop an understanding of their role in performing bank oversight responsibilities.