Brent A. Stewart, Sr.


For Brent Stewart, being president and CEO of the United Way of Greater Kansas City is not a job but a privilege. 

“Each day ends with a sense of accomplishing something that will ultimately lead to a positive impact for those in need in our community,” he said. 

His primary role is to work with a team of volunteers, leaders and staff to develop a vision, set of strategies and goals aimed at alleviating conditions that keep individuals from achieving their full potential. 

He also works to leverage the power of relationships and networks with private, public and corporate sectors to generate the financial resources needed to achieve the organization’s vision. 

“In 2015, based on the support of a very generous community, we were able to raise more than $35 million to be strategically invested back into the community.” 

This doesn’t mean his day is ever typical. 

Stewart says he can start his morning meeting with community leaders about improving the community, move on to a lunch meeting about the internal steps needed to reduce administrative costs and end his day at a United Way event that includes him taking the stage to thank donors and the community for their generosity in giving and community spirit. 

The goal, however, is always to improve the lives of others. 

“We believe that everyone deserves opportunities to have a good life: a quality education that leads to a stable job, enough income to support a family through retirement, and good health.” 

The United Way can only accomplish this through the generosity of the community, Stewart said. 

It’s the community voice and perspective that Stewart hopes to provide as a director of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City. 

“I have always been intrigued and curious about how monetary policy gets created and how those policies affect all levels in the community, especially those struggling financially on a daily basis,” he said. 

He also hopes to share research from his organization that will help the board as they make important decisions. 

“I’m joining the board as a servant leader with an eagerness to share all that I know about life for those in the community that rely on United Way services and programs.” 

Taken from TEN Magazine Spring 2016