Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City Information


1 Memorial Drive
Kansas City, MO 64198

The Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City's headquarters is located at 1 Memorial Drive in the heart of Kansas City, Mo., near the National World War I Museum at Liberty Memorial and Union Station.

Our building, which opened in spring 2008, is the newest in the Federal Reserve System. It is 14 stories high and houses more than 1,600 employees. Staff work in economic research, banking supervision and regulation, and payments processing, as well as supporting areas, including information technology, financial management, public affairs and administrative services.

Two 3-D, 12-foot bronze statues - the Spirits of Commerce and Industry - flank our main entrance as a tribute to the hand-carved stone panels from the early 1900s that adorned the façade of our former building. Three water geysers surrounding the statues represent our three mission areas and serve as a tribute to Kansas City, "The City of Fountains."

We serve the Tenth Federal Reserve District, which includes western Missouri, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Wyoming, Colorado & northern New Mexico.

Directions & Tours

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Visit our Money Museum, a 3,000-square foot hands-on exhibit space for all ages to learn more about the Federal Reserve and the economy. Self-guided and guided tours are free, and include a close-up view into the region's largest cash vault, a place to design "money" and an opportunity to test your strength by lifting a gold bar.
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Who we are

Our Mission:
We contribute to monetary policy, provide supervisory and regulatory oversight, and offer safe, reliable, and efficient financial services.

Our Vision:
We work to inspire financial institutions, the public, and central bank colleagues to have trust and confidence in us.

Our Values:
We strive for integrity, service, and personal growth and development.

What we do

The Kansas City Fed fosters the stability, integrity and efficiency of the nation's monetary, financial and payments systems to promote a stable, healthy economy. We do this through three areas:

Monetary Policy
We contribute to the formulation and implementation of monetary policy that promotes financial stability and sustainable economic growth.

How do we do this? The Fed manages the nation's system of money and credit. Monetary policy influences economic growth, maximum employment rates, interest rates, prices and the value of a dollar. Research staff at the Kansas City Fed, along with the other Reserve Banks, monitors regional economic conditions to provide grassroots input at a national level, where decisions are made on the interest rates charged to financial institutions when they borrow from the Federal Reserve.

Supervision and Regulation
We provide supervisory and regulatory oversight to financial institutions in a way that fosters a sound, accessible and competitive financial system that inspires trust.

How do we do this? We supervise state chartered banks that choose to be members of the Federal Reserve System, trust companies, data processing centers that service state member banks, and bank and financial holding companies, which control one or more commercial banks. This protects you as a consumer. The Kansas City Fed's geographic region has a high concentration of community banks, making our Reserve Bank's supervision and regulation work somewhat unique to the others'. 

Financial Services
We promote a safe and efficient payments system, while providing high-quality, innovative financial services to depository institutions, the U.S. Treasury and the public.

How do we do this? The Fed monitors the region's demand for currency and coin. We distribute currency and coin to banks, replace worn and damaged notes, help detect counterfeit notes, and more. The Fed also serves as a bank for the U.S. government and Treasury by issuing, servicing and redeeming securities, including savings bond and income tax refunds. At the Kansas City Fed, specifically, staff members process funds and securities transfers and provide customer service to financial institutions nationwide that purchase Federal Reserve products.

Additional Information

Supplier Information
The Kansas City Fed uses competitive solicitation processes for its goods and services. If you would like to do business with us, learn more about how to become one of our diverse regional suppliers and access our self-registration tool, which allows us to collect information about your organization.

Our Organization
Learn about the Federal Reserve System, and the Kansas City Fed's history, leadership and Office of Minority and Women Inclusion. Our Annual Reports, Code of Conduct, Request for Information and Voluntary Guide to Conduct for Senior Officials are also online.

Holiday Schedule
View the Federal Reserve System's holiday schedule.