External LinkMap Your Community, a web-based mapping tool, creates quick and easy maps for complex data. From education to housing, Map Your Community translates difficult to access community data into a simple picture. These maps can help presenters, grant writers and the public understand community development-related statistics. To make the tool more usable for an increasingly-data intensive audience, the Community Development team recently enhanced the tool. 

From discussions with community partners, the Community Development Department found that the Map Your Community tool needed timely and relevant data. Stakeholders discussed how having the most recent data allows them to stay current on issues affecting the community. The department worked closely with partners at PolicyMap to identify updates, such as removing data sets which were no longer being updated. New data sets include the Persistent Poverty Index, an indicator of census tracts that have had 20 percent or more of its population living in poverty over the past 30 years. This indicator has applications in economic development, analyzing generational poverty and more. 

Based on feedback, PolicyMap has updated Map Your Community with a cleaner and more intuitive interface. The new layout allows for a wider view, and the sidebar has now been streamlined to provide data and location information at the top. The interface has also been simplified to improve accessibility. More info on the tool itself can be seen on the video tutorials or in this PDFuser guide.

Discussions with community partners and PolicyMap highlighted the importance of the tool. Map Your Community can display statistics in seconds, which is vital for community organizations or those interested in community topics.

The Kansas City Fed also provides an array of data reports and instructional tools, including Tenth District LMI Economic Conditions, Tenth District Economic Databooks and The Center for the Advancement of Data and Research in Economics (CADRE). More data and information is regularly added to the website.